09. November 2008

It’s taken time, like I had predicted. Too much going on. But finally - here’s an update! Pictures from
Nordsjælland are now online. Go and have a look...

25. July 2008

Teddysound.de is brandnew. It’s all about photos now. My photos.

Two sections are not availlable yet and many more photos are to be implemented in the sections I already worked on. I will add more photos and the remaining planned sections little by little.

As this is something I do in my free time and not my only hobby I’m not making a guess at when updates will be availlable. Just check back from time to time. I will post here whenever there’s something new.

Hope you like my new logo - “Sir Toby” kindly allowed me to use his picture. ;-) And he’ll always take you back to the starting page.